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Branton Juniors FC has been making headlines recently with their latest achievements and events. The club has continued to grow and develop, welcoming new players and expanding their teams.

One of the latest achievements for the club was the formation of their first competitive girls’ team, who are now playing at the U13 level in the Sheffield and Hallamshire Girls Football League. The addition of this team is a testament to the growing popularity of girls’ football and the dedication of the club to provide opportunities for all young players.

The club has also introduced a men’s Over 35s team, who are competing in the popular Wragg League covering all areas of South Yorkshire. This new team is a great opportunity for older players to continue playing the sport they love and stay involved in the club.

In addition to their teams, Branton Juniors FC has also been making waves with their international tours. In 2022, two of their teams will be playing two games in Eindhoven, Netherlands. These overseas tours provide a great opportunity for players to gain new experiences and make lasting memories.

Branton Juniors FC is also proud to have introduced sessions for girls in 2018, further promoting the sport and encouraging young girls to get involved. The club is at the heart of the local community and plays a valuable part in ensuring young people are given the opportunity to take part and enjoy the benefits that sport provides.

Overall, Branton Juniors FC continues to grow and develop, providing opportunities for players of all ages and genders to get involved in the sport they love. With their core values of respect, dignity, and fair play, the club is dedicated to promoting a positive and inclusive environment for all players, coaches, parents, and spectators.

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